Our Buildings

Our Buildings

Frontier Structures, LLC. designs and manufactures high performance structures that are perfect for expanding your personal living space. Our buildings are designed with industry leading products and materials resulting in a stunning product capable of meeting the next generation of energy standards. These structures are designed and built in Minnesota and are intended to be used in all climates.

Our product benefit not only provides a quality structure for our clients, but much beyond that. These buildings are about enabling a lifestyle. Running out of space in your home is one thing, but running out of time in your day is even more challenging to overcome. Having a Frontier Structure that enables you to work from a luxurious home office, utilize your own personal gym, or have that private studio, means you can spend more time at home and less time on the commute.

Home Office

Rapid advances in technology are making it more efficient for people to work from home. More reliable internet providers and higher speeds have overcome the limitations they once caused for telecommuters. The other remaining hurdle for many “would be” telecommuters is having an effective environment at home to work in. It is difficult to accommodate those early morning or evening video conferences when the rest of the family is in the house. Moreover, inviting clients into your home office can be awkward if you need to walk them through the kitchen and up the stairs to get to your office. Frontier Structures offers a solution with its modular, stand-alone accessory buildings that can be equipped with whatever you need to be effective in working from home.

Interior Home Office

Boat House

Many lake homes or vacation properties overlook the need to have a building near the waters edge, or they are simply limited in what they can put there due to restrictions. A modular structure that can be moved or relocated as necessary to comply with changing ordinances may be a solution. Having a building to store your water recreation items, combined with an indoor / outdoor living space near the shoreline can truly enhance your time at the lake.

Home Studio

A studio in the backyard has its advantages over using a spare bedroom in the house. Creating an outbuilding away from the houses enables you to separate yourself from the daily needs and ongoing bustle in the home and focus solely on your activity. Whether you are a writer, an artist, a musician, a gamer, or yoga enthusiast, consider how a studio from Frontier Structures can enhance your lifestyle.


If you have a vacation or recreational property that needs a building for temporary occupancy, consider a single unit or an array of buildings that can be integrated to suit your needs. A bunk house, wash room with sauna, and living area, all segregated allows easy control of heating and cooling as needed in each room. Discover how Frontier can help to minimize your investment while enabling the lifestyle you have been working toward.